We Nearly Forgot Our Birthday!

5th Birthday

Gosh doesn’t time fly, so much so that we forgot to celebrate our 5, yes, 5-year anniversary….I’ll let that sink in… Well, we had a bit of an excuse with a world pandemic going on.

There were many out there that thought we’d wouldn’t make it this far, but we have survived and are going from strength to strength. We have come a long way since a first claim on a Google Chrome book. It took a big step to start our own business and one we don’t regret.

We started Cavetta as we saw a gap in the market to help the smaller businesses in Scotland who were missing out on valuable allowances as the larger capital allowances firms were not targeting them. Since then we have been able to take this philosophy across the UK helping many small business owners claim the tax savings they were missing out on.

We have tried to change the perception of capital allowances, particularly in Scotland. We have tried to educate businesses that they can claim this relief and why their accountant needs our help.

We set out our stall in such a way to say who we help, when we help and how we help and one thing that episode sums up what Cavetta is about is when a client remarked, that we were there to help, when no one else would.

At the same time, we have been innovative in how we present our findings, how we gather our data and how we communicate with businesses.

We’d like to thank all our Clients, Business Partners, friends and family who have helped us grow and here’s to the next five years.”

Thank you