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Over the last 10 years successive governments have procured the properties that they use for civil justice from the private sector.  Whilst these properties are built specifically to meet the needs of the Government, they are now leased to the government by the private sector who gain not only the benefit of rental income but also the benefit of Capital Allowances in relation to the fixtures of the property.

Strength of experience

The directors of Cavetta Consulting have worked with clients developing these bespoke properties. We can offer experience that will help to maximise your claim. On new build projects we have a track record of claiming 100% Enhanced Capital Allowances, whilst on acquisitions we can help you through the difficulties of the new fixtures rules that came into force in 2014.

Working together

Being a with a resource of 30 years of experience we are able to give our clients the benefit of this. However the main advantage of working with us is that we can offer a more personal service.  As we are not a major corporation we have the advantage that we can take time to ask questions, understand your needs and take personal pride in saving our client’s money.  We don’t charge for initial reviews or phone calls, and we don’t get involved unless we can add value to a business.

Seamless process

Our philosophy at Cavetta Consulting is to work with people.  We work with, not instead of your accountant.  In addition, we do not get involved with a project if we believe that the accountant will be able to pick up the qualifying items without our help.

Once appointed, we work with your advisors. We ask the questions, obtain the information with very little direct involvement or direction from the client.  In addition, we take great care to talk with your accountant to make sure that all the figures produced are consistent with your financial statements.

Commercial landlords and property investors who are subject to either UK income or corporation tax are able to claim property tax relief in the following circumstances:

Considering capital allowances at an early stage in either a transaction, redevelopment, or lease incentive will provide you with the opportunity to maximise your capital allowances position.

Claiming capital allowances is a statutory right. The benefits of claiming this relief for you are that it will improve the cash flow of your business, lower risk for those supplying loans to the business and may be used as a means to preserve and enhance the value of your asset.

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