Launch Of Our Revamped Website

Capital Allowances Knowledge

You may not know but Cavetta means Key in Maltese, and when we began Cavetta Consulting eight years ago, in 2015, it seemed an apt word for what we wanted to achieve. That we would be “the key” to unlocking tax savings from any property investment for all users, owners and investors. In addition, we have unlocked a totally new approach to servicing capital allowances, by focusing on the message of who we help, when we help, and how we help. So, with this link to Malta (Alan is a Maltese citizen), we have chosen today a Maltese holiday to launch our revamped website.

As a small business, we took it upon ourselves to build our first two websites, and anyone who has attempted this, and is not inclined towards tech, will understand what a painful process this can be. The writing scripts, the checking texts, uploading of images, altering words so that the button fits made for sleepless nights. Fortunately, valuing over £160 million of tax-deductible items in commercial property over the last 8 years has been far easier for us.

Our approach towards capital allowances has always been a bit different, with EASE and EXCELLENCE being our keywords:

  • EASE – in that we make our reports clear and easy to understand. We go out of our way to find avenues to making a complicated set of tax reliefs easy to understand, and we have helped accountants to explain why a valuer is needed by giving them a set of tools to explain it easily.
  • EXCELLENCE – is at the heart of everything we produce. Our valuations are designed to not only be compliant but market-leading. Our surveys are compiled using state-of-the-art software. Something as far as we know, was never tried before we undertook surveys in this way, and have now used in almost 150 completed surveys. Our focus on EXCELLENCE has resulted in us preparing allowances for clients in each of the four nations and in every corner of this island.

Our premise has been, and still is to provide a tailored, client-focused approach to delivering capital allowances for our clients, rather than with a corporate fee-driven ethos. In order to assist owners and investors who were not getting help with claiming capital allowances for whatever reason, access to claim. We made ourselves more approachable, we educated the market, we used infographics to explain tax reliefs, and we sat with every client to make sure that they understood what we were doing and how it would help them. We have made capital allowances in this part of the world more accessible, enabling us to help SMEs save tax as well as larger corporate businesses.

Our new website, is again tailored to our ethos of helping businesses understand the benefit that claiming allowances can give them and to give them the tools to decide if it works for them. To help align our business service with improving the awareness of capital allowances and the benefits it may bring to improve investment in the business as well as increasing access to be able to claim tax relief through capital allowances. We have added a capital allowances calculator, feedback from our clients, including a video testimonial from a global brand.

And finally, we would like to say thank you to John Louden and his team at Hybrid Anchor, their expert help made the development of our new website was made a lot easier.

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