Revolutionising Capital Allowances Consultancy: Our Vision

Capital Allowances Our Mission

Our Vision

This week’s blog delves into our initial vision when starting our capital allowances consultancy. We were determined to transform the valuation delivery and data collection process.

When Alan and I launched Cavetta Consulting in 2015, we set out to revolutionise how capital allowances valuations are delivered and data is collected. We saw the need for a more efficient, streamlined approach to capital allowances consultancy. So we created a service that will not only save our clients time and money, but also provide them with comprehensive and accurate reports. Our goal is to simplify the process for our clients, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality and expertise.

Despite being a smaller capital allowances provider, we’ve set a new standard for how tax savings are presented to our clients, from their properties. As our UK capital allowances consultancy continues to expand, we’re committed to helping our small and medium enterprise clients who have trusted us from our foundation, while also welcoming larger investors into the fold. They’ve put their faith in us, and we’re eager to repay their trust, maximising their UK capital allowances.

Automated Surveys

We’re bursting with pride with our automated capital allowances survey system – it’s one of the biggest achievements of our company. In partnership with Touchright, we developed a system that allows us to gather info, about the plant and machinery in the property, from an app rather than traditional dictated or handwritten notes. This means that we can not only gather survey data efficiently, but also ensure the quality of our supporting documentation. No more scribbled notes or garbled dictation – hooray!

Video Testimonials

We’re now taking the tech one step further, and we are now asking our clients if the can provide a video testimonial about how they found our services. Cavetta Consulting recently had the pleasure of working with Adam Davidson, the mastermind behind BoConcept Scotland. Adam opened his first store, in Scotland, over 20 years ago and has been successfully growing his business ever since, expanding to four stores.

We provided Adam with a capital allowances review for the fit out of the concept store on Ingram Street in Glasgow. Here, in our first video testimonial, Adam shares his thoughts on our services – and the results are glowing! Capital Allowances Testimonial 

Adam’s review of the capital allowances services provided by our team was a positive one. He highlights that he was impressed with the level of detail appreciated the fact that our team took the time to understand his business and the specific needs of his project. Adam also mentioned that he found our team to be very knowledgeable and professional throughout the process.

We appreciate his kind words and look forward to continuing delivering top-quality capital allowances services to all our clients.